about brigitte

What inspired me to pursue photography...

Growing up I loved to take candid photos of my friends and family. I have photo albums full of pictures taken on old kodak disposable cameras. I spent a lot of my teenage years with a camera in my hand and I always enjoyed the creative side of capturing the precious and unique moments in life.

The catalyst for transitioning into professional photography came in 2019 when I did a camper-van trip around The Northern Territory in Australia with my family. I was so captivated by the natural beauty, the landscapes and the people.

When I arrived home I knew that from the passion I feel for taking photos there can be more to photography for me and it wasn't something that had to just be a hobby.

When I'm on a photoshoot I have to set timer reminders because I lose all sense of time. I am simply there behind the lens with whoever/whatever is on the other side of the lens and I'm enjoying all their angles, perspectives and beauty.


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